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Vai Drive, delivering straightforward, best-in-class car rentals in Malta.

The eCabs brand has an extensive, proven track record for delivering top notch private transportation services in Malta. Vai Drive is the car rental and leasing arm of the eCabs brand, the lessons learned at eCabs have not been abandoned. The most “valuable lesson? Choose your lane, then go the extra mile.

For Vai drive, the goal is not to provide ‘more’ than its competitors, in fact, if you want a large selection of different vehicles, complimented with lots of frills and fancies, then we’re likely not your best solution. Our goal isn’t to provide ‘more’, it’s to provide better. Better value, better prices, better flexibility.

Do you require a car, but not sure for how long? We got you. Select the rental period you need today, make changes later without hassle. Can’t commit to a long lease that’ll tie you down for years? Aside from offering lowered prices for rentals that extend over multiple days, we also offer special rates for longer term rentals.

Benefit from discreet vehicles without obtrusive over-the-top branding and a price that’s straightforward, clear, and inclusive of all the essentials. We’re committed to guaranteeing cost efficiency, no hidden fees, no extra frills. It’s all about you and your destination. 

Why choose us?

Why should you rent with VAI Drive?

Easy and competitive prices.

We offer competitive prices by focusing on essential, high-quality delivery.

Sleek and discreet transport solutions.

You’re hiring a car, not a moving billboard, That’s why we keep our branding discreet.

Proven brand legacy
in Malta.

Built on a proven brand's excellence, we're committed to matching that standard.

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